Registration DETAILS

Details about this SZGC Registration for returning and new gardeners.

General Information for 2023 SZCGA Plot Applicants

    • Those wishing a plot may apply as of March 1st by submitting a filled in and signed application form.

    • It is the responsibility of all applicants to read SZCGA Rental Terms and Conditions” before applying for membership.

    • Successful new applicants are eligible for small gardens (20’ x 25’ or 20’ x 22.5’).  A fee of $55 + $5 will be collected only after a new gardener has agreed to accept a plot that is offered by the garden association.

    • Do not submit payment at this time. We will request payment should we have a plot to offer you.
    • Applications are considered in the order they are opened at the registration desk.

    • As soon as all available plots have been allotted, registration will be closed and no further applications accepted.

    • Unsuccessful applications that arrive before registration closes, will be wait listed till mid June in the event that some registered gardeners withdraw.

    • Those wishing to apply must do so by submitting the New Gardener Application Form by mail. Currently we cannot accept e-mail applications.

Steps to apply for a plot beginning March 1, 2023

  1. Review 2023 Rental Terms & Conditions.

  2. Print out the new gardener application form

  3. Very legibly fill in all aspects of the form.

  4. Sign the form after reading the waiver and agreements.


BOX 33122


Garden plots are allocated with priority given according to the following order

First Priority

Returning gardeners in “ good standing”* requesting the same plot.

Second Priority

Returning gardeners in good standing* requesting a change of plots. Plot change requests will be considered in order of the following priorities:
  • Gardeners whose plots have flooded and gardeners who requested a move to accommodate health issues.
  • Gardeners who wished to move from a small plot to a large plot and gardeners who wish to move from a large plot to a small plot.

Third Priority

Returning gardeners in good standing requesting a non-specified* plot move for what the registrars consider a valid reason.
  • Move request to a specified plot may not be considered.
  • Gardeners who were repeatedly contacted by 2022 garden patrol for failure to fully honor “Rental Terms and Conditions” have had their “good standing” status downgraded and will not be eligible for a move.
*Good Standing refers to full compliance to policy and honoring agreements under Rental Terms and Conditions.

Forth Priority [New Gardener]

The application period for newcomers will begin March 1 and close as soon as all plots have been allotted.
Successful new applicants are eligible for small gardens (20’ x 25’ or 20’ x 22.5′)
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Plot Rental Fees 2023

Add $5 to your rental fee if you don’t have a Zone Board or Community Association membership.

This membership fee is collected each year on behalf of the South Zone Recreation Board.

Plot Size Rental Fee
20' x 45'
20' x 25'
20' x 22.5'

2023 registration

    • The South Zone Community Gardens Association will accept registration from returning gardeners from January 23 to February 10. 2023. Returning gardeners who register late or not assured being assigned to the same plot or having their move request considered. 

    • All registrations will be completed by mail.  Simply print out the registration form, complete it and return it to us along with payment to the postal address on the form.

    • Make cheque out to : SOUTH ZONE RECREATION BOARD or SZRB

    • Registration applications from new gardeners will be accepted through the mail as of March 1, 2023.  The registration form for new gardeners will be made available during the last week of February.

Registration South Zone Community Gardens


It is your responsibility to read the "SZCGA" Terms and conditions before applying for a plot. Click the button below:

Gardens are inspected throughout the season (May through October).

Notices will be sent to gardeners if the agreed upon Terms and Conditions are not being met. Failing to take full action in the recommended timeline may result in penalties:

  • You may be required to take a smaller plot.
  • You may not be eligible for renewal next season.
  • You may be asked to leave.


    • In the event that the Registered Gardener does not garden the plot registered in that gardener’s name or a part of that plot and arranges for another party to garden the same, that plot will be considered to be sublet.

    •  To sublet a garden or a portion thereof the Registered Gardener must follow the terms of the subletting policy.  Note that subletting permission if granted is for the short term (one year basis)

    • Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in the Registered Gardener losing Gardener in Good Standing Status and the associated privileges. Informal subletting (making your own arrangements) without permission is not acceptable and constitutes non-compliance with policy . 

    • The SZCG Association will assess each request on its own merit and grant permission on a case to case basis.  The decision is final.

    • A registered gardener may request permission to sublet all or a portion of his plot to another person for one year only, subject to the restrictions outlined in the “Policy on Sub-letting Garden Plots”, SZCG registration guidelines and policies. 

Print and fill out Subletting Request Form and mail it to :   SCGA, Box 33122, Cathedral Post Office, Regina, SK  S4T 7X2.

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Keeping Informed

SZCGA communicate with gardeners through website postings and emails.


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To Renew your registration

  1. Review 2023 Rental terms & conditions.
  2. Print out the returning gardener registration form.
  3. Very legibly fill in all aspects of the form.
  4. Write a cheque to cover fee & community association membership*.

Note the change in payee

Make the Cheque out to South Zone Recreation Board or SZRB

Mail the complete form and payment to :


BOX 33122



To register as a returning gardener click below to get registration form.

For inquires please send request to us.


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