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Details about this SZGC Registration for returning and new gardeners.


South Zone Community Garden operates 384 gardens on  3305 Grant Road, Regina. Garden plots are allocated on a first applied – first allocated basis with priority given according to the following order:  

1. Returning gardeners in good standing requesting the same plot.

2. Returning gardeners in good standing requesting a change of plots.

 3. New Gardeners

Following are the Plot sizes and annual garden fees. 

Plot Rental Fees

Plot Size Rental Fee
20' x 45'
20' x 25'
20' x 22.5'

Add $5 to your rental fee if you don’t have a 2022 Zone Board or Community Association membership.



Garden Renewal applications are to be forwarded by mail along with appropriate fees between January 17 and Feb. 4, 2022.  

Returning gardeners whose applications are received later than Feb. 4 are not guaranteed their same plot, or consideration of a different plot.

Returning gardeners who wish to sub-let all or part of their garden plot in 2022 must complete and submit an application form requesting approval. Click Here to review the policy and download the approval request form.

 SZCGA Returning Gardener Renewal Registration form can be downloaded or printed by clicking the button below. 
brown grass field under blue sky during daytime
man holding beetroots during daytime


New Gardeners may apply as of March 2nd by submitting the “New Member” application form that will be posted on this website at the end of February.

Read SZCGA Rental “Terms and Conditions” before applying for membership.

Do not submit payment at this time. We will request payment should we have a plot to offer you.

Successful new applicants are eligible for small gardens (20’ x 25’ or 20’ x 22.5’).  The fee when requested is $40 + $5 community association fee.

Applications are considered in the order they arrive at registration.

As soon as all plots have been allotted registration will be closed and no further applications accepted.

Applications that arrive before registration closes but not allotted a plot will wait listed till mid June at in the event that some registered gardeners withdraw

Gardens are monitored regularly to ensure gardeners maintain their plots according to SZCGA’s policies and rental Terms and Conditions. Gardeners are encouraged to apply healthy horticultural practices. 

For inquires please send request to us.


    Photo by Blake Wisz

    Registration Information 2022

    RETURNING GARDENERS Renewal Registration form for returning gardeners is available on this link. Garden Renewal applications are to be forwarded by mail along with appropriate fees…