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Subletting Garden DETAILS

Details about this SZGC subletting gardener.


    • In the event that the Registered Gardener does not garden the plot registered in that gardener’s name or a part of that plot and arranges for another party to garden the same, that plot will be considered to be sublet.

    •  To sublet a garden or a portion thereof the Registered Gardener must follow the terms of the subletting policy.  Note that subletting permission if granted is for the short term (one year basis)

    • Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in the Registered Gardener losing Gardener in Good Standing Status and the associated privileges. Informal subletting (making your own arrangements) without permission is not acceptable and constitutes non-compliance with policy . 

    • The SZCG Association will assess each request on its own merit and grant permission on a case to case basis.  The decision is final.

    • A registered gardener may request permission to sublet all or a portion of his plot to another person for one year only, subject to the restrictions outlined in the “Policy on Sub-letting Garden Plots”, SZCG registration guidelines and policies. 

Print and fill out the Subletting Request Form and mail it to South Zone Community Garden, PO BOX 37154, Regina, SK , S4S 7K3.


2024 Gardeners registration has been completed. No Further Applications Will Be Accepted