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South Zone Community Gardens is entirely run by volunteers working together to administer, organize, and foster a community of gardeners working together to develop healthy horticultural practices for a sustainable future.
Harvest a Heart Aug 12 2023 Calvin Fehr Photo 98

Volunteer Board Members

Position Name
Dale Hjertaas
Bob Guthrie
Donna Braun
Don List
Darlene Boyd
Garden Patrol
Evelyn Ewert
Equipment Maintenance
Spring Directors
Bob Guthrie, Oleksander Kostenko
Summer Director
Fall Directors
Mike Quinn
Harvest with Heart
Kim Johnston
Volunteer Development
Kim Johnston & Yvonne Harris
Grounds Maintenance
Louis Lapaire
Ahmand Almahasneh
The volunteer board members share the responsibilities of coordinating: the
registration process, the maintenance of equipment, as well the maintenance
of the overall garden environment throughout the spring, summer and fall
growing season. They accomplish this through the engagement of
volunteers such as yourself.
Thank you for indicating a willingness to volunteer when filling out your
registration form. If you have done so in the past and have not been
contacted, do not think that your gesture is not valued. It is. This year major
steps are being taken to take advantage of your willingness to join in to lighten
the load.

Stay Tuned!

SZCG Volunteer Service Form
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2024 Gardeners registration has been completed. No Further Applications Will Be Accepted