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Harvest With Heart SEPTEMBER 9, 2023 

Harvest a Heart Aug 12 2023 Calvin Fehr Photo 115

We feel so richly blessed and have much gratitude to this wonderful initiative;  Harvest with Heart.  On September 9 we collected over 2000 lbs (that’s 1 ton) of fresh organic produce.  That’s INCREDIBLE.

The Food Bank and Al Ritchie Pantry Store have already provided this produce to families in Regina. 

From the Harvest with Heart Committee our upmost gratitude to those who donated with smiles on their faces, the volunteers who dug potatoes and those who washed and prepared vegetables for donating.  It was another beautiful day and there was much laughter and lightness in the heavy work.  In the end we couldn’t wash all the potatoes we sowed.  We filled every crate from the Food Bank.

We want to do a special shout out to Joanne Davis who was ill the day of the Harvest.  She and her father in law Rick Davis offered the rest of their garden.  It was taken to the Food Bank yesterday and was 160lbs.  Thank you so much Joanne and Rick.

We also wish to thank SkTel EnviroCare, Doorns Greenhouse, Plant Ranch Greenhouse, Waterboy Irrigation, Sleek Signs and Farm Credit Canada for their support.

Another gardening season is ending and the memories of friendships, collaboration, hard work and great rewards.  I wish you an amazing Fall and look forward to seeing more of you next year.

With affection,
Marianne Boychuk
Committee Chair for Harvest with Heart

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